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Earthwave provides a full range of ISP and managed data center services.

Data Loss Prevention

At Earthwave, we discover, monitor, and protect confidential data wherever it is stored or used – across your network, storage and endpoint systems.


File Integrity Management

Be in the know, as to where you data currently is and where it's headed. We ensure that your files never get into the wrong hands and that your most sensitive information is encrypted and protected.

Threat Protection

Earthwave's intrusion detection systems, ensure that your data is safe from cyber threats such as hacking, malware, botnets, etc.

End to End Protection

Your data is protected at all points in your network chain, from your employee's business email accounts to your servers, and is backed up on a consistent basis.
VoIP Telephony

Voice Mail, Call Hold, Call Transfer, Conference Calls, Fax. A full featured system that goes further by reducing your operating costs.

24/7 Support

Earthwave will help you implement and maintain a state of the art, customized office telephony system that will keep your operations running smoothly and optimally.


Full support for legacy systems. Earthwave’s advanced phone systems integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and include full fax support.


A good data recovery plan will include a documented set of processes to help your organization minimize disruption to business services in the event of an outage. Earthwave's data recovery plans include detailed procedures to be followed before, during and after an outage, to help you regain a high level of stability, as quickly as possible.

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Building Access

Planning & Installation


We help you manage your stock, sales, accounting, shipping and customer data - easily.

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